Experienced team. Thoughtful approach.

Who we are

Credit markets are in a constant state of flux. Nassau Corporate Credit strives to leverage the team’s experience across multiple market cycles as it actively manages its client portfolios.

The Nassau Corporate Credit team utilizes a disciplined process in an effort to drive success.”

Alex Jackson, Chief Investment Officer & Portfolio Manager

What Sets Us Apart

We have assembled a cohesive, experienced team and are supported by the Nassau platform.

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Active management at both the investment level and portfolio level is informed by our experience.

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Client Focus

The individual mandates of our clients drive portfolio structure and management.

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Nassau has committed significant capital resources to the development of the Nassau Corporate Credit platform.

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Aligned Interests

We often invest alongside our investors, which results in aligned interests.

No representation is made that any investment strategy, approach or process described will or can be successful, especially in periods of extreme volatility. PAST PERFORMANCE IS NOT INDICATIVE OF FUTURE RESULTS.