How We Do Business

Our Investment Approach

Nassau Corporate Credit aims to capitalize on changes in economic conditions and market volatility via rigorous credit analysis and active portfolio management.

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Rigorous Credit Analysis

Our experienced team of industry-focused credit analysts strives to deploy a disciplined and repeatable process in an effort to identify and monitor potential investments and minimize risk.

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Principal Protection

Senior loans present a particularly asymmetric risk profile because price appreciation is limited by callability. As a result, we manage investments with the expectation that the instruments will be held through refinancing, maturity or restructuring.

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Continual Underwriting

We continually assess investments for current and projected financial performance, asset integrity and the ability to manage capital requirements.

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Active Management

We continually focus on relative value to optimize current yield versus risk, manage changing credit, sector or economic views, rebalancing as needed, in an effort to preserve and build par value.

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Disciplined Trading

We buy to take advantage of the new issue market, exploit secondary market relative value dislocations, and build par value. We may sell if prices are attractive in the context of a credit’s long-term prospects.

No representation is made that any investment or trading strategy, approach or process described will or can be successful, especially in periods of extreme volatility. PAST PERFORMANCE IS NOT INDICATIVE OF FUTURE RESULTS. The investment strategy or opportunities described do not take into account the particular investment objectives or financial circumstances of any specific person or entity, may not be suitable for all investors, and may result in a risk of loss or all or a portion of the amount invested. Nothing herein constitutes investment advice.